Accessing shared mailboxes (role based emails)

For role based email accounts, we use Office365’s shared mailbox feature. When we refer to role-based emails, these are email addresses such as, etc. We understand that having both a personal email as well as a role based email may be confusing, but there are several reasons for this:

  • Regardless of the number of roles you hold, you only ever need to know one account (your personal account) to log on
  • If multiple people require access to a mailbox, this can be managed without having to share credentials
  • It helps to keep licensing to a minimum: Only personal accounts are licensed, and we have fewer personal accounts than roles
  • If someone else comes in to assist with a role (for example, due to long term absence or illness) someone else can be given access to the mailbox without having to worry about resetting passwords, etc.
  • When someone else comes into the role, the new and old person can have access to the same mailbox for a period of time, aiding the transition

If you use outlook online (

  1. Sign in with your personal Thames Chiltern email address (i.e.
  2. Once in outlook, click the circle in the top right with your initials in it
  3. Then click ‘Open another mailbox’
  4. Type in your role based email address e.g. to the box that appears
  5. Click open
  6. A new tab will open with the mailbox for the notifications email account

If you use outlook mobile app (android/iOS)

  1. Click the circle in the top left of the screen
  2. Click the bottom circle that had a blue plus icon on it
  3. Click ‘Add a shared mailbox’
  4. Select your Thames Chiltern email address
  5. Type in your role based email address e.g.
  6. Click continue
  7. You can now access the notifications mailbox as a separate account on your mobile

If this hasn’t helped, please take a look at Microsoft’s help guide – here