DAN Form – 2

The District Activity Notification Form (DAN) 

The new DAN Form for Adventurous Activities. The new DAN form is designed to notify district and support groups and sections undertaking activities that are deemed to be high-risk. 

What’s it all about  

To make life easier we have produced a form so that you can notify the DC of specific activities in the same way as the NAN form works. If the activity you are organising is one of the ones listed on the form, you need to complete it and send it to notify@thameschilternscouts.org  

If you are already completing a NAN form, you do not need to complete the DAN form. For all other activities the DC has delegated the activity approval to the GSLs and no further reporting action is required by the District. A DAN form is required if an activity meets one of the following criteria: 

  1. Is outside the District  
  2. Requires an Adventurous Activity Permit (unless it is held on scout premises using an adult with a scouting permit). 
  3. Is an activity with more than 50 attendees.  
  4. Is close to water.  
  5. All adult only event.  
  6. Events with 100 attendees require approval  

All leaders wishing to apply for either an initial or renewal for a nights away permit are to complete the nights away application form (insert link)